Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shameful Self-Promotion

We didn't do much to publicize this blog in the first few weeks, so I almost feel like it's been been the equivalent of a restaurant having a "soft opening"--we're open for business, but it's been mostly our friends who are eating the pizza.  Nonetheless, a few other folks are starting to take notice and I'm pleased that we're beginning to get a little bit of coverage from this blog.

Our University PR Office put out this press release on the blog (thanks, Bill).  The Smoky Mountain News had a piece on early voting featuring some of our analysis.  The Tuck reader did a quick update on our election roundup here and also had a nice post on whether we might be saying "Speaker Shuler" anytime soon with a few quotes from me.  Gibbs has been quoted in the Citizen-Times more times than I can possibly link to lately and he'll be doing a radio appearance on WRGC on election night (I might be there, too).  I know there are a bunch of links I'm missing, but I need to find a Halloween costume so I'd better sign off for now.

Oh, and don't worry--I won't make a habit of doing posts like this.  I'm sure very few of you outside of my mother want to read a post promoting the blog you're already reading.

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