Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long night becoming clearer

Looks like (as we expected) the Republicans will take over the House and the Democrats will maintain control of the Senate.  Shuler and Burr are staying.  Still waiting to see on the Governor's races.  It's gotten comparatively less coverage, but for us North Carolinians, the fact that the Republicans will take over both houses of the NC legislature, is arguably, a bigger story. The turnover in the Jackson County Commissioners is also a huge story for those of us who reside in this County. 

Gibbs and I had a fun night on WRGC radio here in Sylva and I enjoyed responding to some terrific questions from various other WNC journalists.  I'll also be on My40 TV tomorrow morning  at 9:00 commenting on the midterms.  I expect to have some analysis of the election over the next few weeks, then we'll probably move to issues of policy and governance moving forward.

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