Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Youth Voter Turnout Probably Went Down a Bit

Last week I speculated a little about what youth voter turnout might look like in 2010. Now that the election is over, a few reports are starting to trickle in so we can now get a better read on what actually happened.

After a night of crunching exit poll data, the folks at the CIRCLE foundation found that, "An estimated 20.4 percent of young Americans under the age of 30 voted in Tuesday’s midterm elections, compared to 23.5 percent in the last midterm election (2006)."  There are a few different ways to slice this data and they find that 11% of the electorate in this election were between 18 and 29, which is about 1% lower than it was in 2006.

Looks like the increase in the youth vote that we saw in 2008 did not translate into bigger youth turnout in 2010.  I'm searching for North Carolina data, but can't yet find anything out there that breaks it down by state.  Stay tuned for more analysis of the election over the next week.

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