Monday, January 24, 2011

Did the Confederate Flag Matter in 2008?

Did the Confederate Flag Matter in 2008?  Some experimental research suggests that it may have.  A team of researchers from Florida State University found that when people were primed with a Confederate Flag, they were less likely to say they would vote for Barack Obama than those who were primed with a neutral symbol.  Further, those who were forced to view the flag were more likely to hold "anti-black sentiments among whites, regardless of their stated beliefs on racial issues."

This seems to me to be a very important study and one that should be getting more media attention.   Other than the Miller-McCune article I liked to above, I can't find anyone else covering it.  Especially during the anniversary of the Civil War, this seems like a newsworthy and relevant article.  And, it sure raises a bunch of questions about the placement of the Confederate Flag on the SC State House grounds (for a great picture of the flag in SC, click  here).

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